CCTV Solutions

Designed specifically for bus, coach, tram and train use, Actia's BOP CCTV systems are tailored to the onboard security requirements of the vehicle operator: to protect the vehicle, protect the driver, and protect the passengers.

Many thousands of hours of Actia CCTV footage have been used as evidence in cases of anti-social behaviour, vandalism and contested insurance claims. Indeed, our customers report an incident capture rate in excess of 95% using BOP.

With a range of formats to suit your application and budget, BOP is a truly flexible system, with multiple connectivity which allows for adaptation and upgrade during the life of the vehicle.


BOP Recorders & Reviewing Stations

Developed using the same technology behind Blu-Ray Disc and HD TV, Actia's next generation BOP XD CCTV system features high quality recording at a true 25 frames per second from up to 16 Analougue & 16 IP cameras....


Cameras & Accessories

A complete range of cameras and accessories are available to ensure you get the most out of your onboard security system: driver's monitor, driver's microphone, GPS/datalogging, passenger information, wi-fi/3G interface....


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