CCTV Cameras & Accessories

A complete range of cameras and accessories are available enabling you to adapt BOP to your application and budget.

These include the addition of a driver's monitor, driver's microphone, GPS/datalogger, passenger information system, wi-fi router for in-depot download etc.

BOP's flexibility means you get the right level of protection for your operation, in a high performance package dedicated to vehicle use.



Actia supply only vandal-proof cameras for internal or external mounting on the vehicle. A range of viewing angles and resolutions are available to complement the BOP XD recording equipment.

  • 330-620TVL options

  • variety of focal lengths

  • up to IP67 rated

  • IR LED options available

  • reverse cameras

  • angle adapters available to mount externally or in awkward positions internally



Additional data can be recorded by BOP systems to supplement recorded footage, building a more complete picture of an incident.

  • GPS position

  • speed

  • brake

  • park brake

  • indicators

  • incident alarm


Driver's Monitor  

Rugged TFT monitor enables the driver to carry out periodic checks on camera status when the vehicle is stationary. May also be used with a rearward facing camera to provide a full reverse camera system.

  • 5" or 7" TFT display

  • rugged surround for protection

  • mounting bracketry also available

NB. Subject to engineering assessment, a separate monitor is not required when BOP is integrated with Actia's on-board system, such as the Optare Eco Drive dashboard.


Driver's Switchplate

Required to remote control the CCTV from the driver area, the switchplate is fitted seamlessly in the dash and is easy-to-use:-

  • CAMERA CHECK - enables driver to cycle through camera views

  • ALARM - in the event of an incident, protect up to 30 minutes footage from over-write

  • ERROR - indicates a system fault

When integrated with Actia Eco-FleetTM Telematics, incident alarm presses and system errors are notified to the fleet manager directly, enabling swift action, maintenance or data retrieval as required and thereby minimising system downtime.

NB. For OEM and many aftermarket installations on Optare vehicles, these switches are integrated in the standard switchpanel, so there is no need to bolt on extra switching on Solo, Versa and Tempo.


Driver's Microphone

Miniature microphone for installation in the driver area to record interaction between driver and passengers. Audio data is recorded by BOP and played back through the Reviewer Software.

BOP includes connectivity for up to 2 audio sources.


Passenger Information System

Rail or wall-mounted saloon monitors can be fitted to display route and fare information, adverts and live CCTV views, so passengers know they are under surveillance.

  • 19" TFT rail/wall mount available

  • DIVx Compact Flash card player


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