Developed using the same technology behind Blu-Ray Disc and HD TV, Actia's next generation BOP XD CCTV system features high quality recording at a true 25 frames per second from up to 16 Analogue and 16 IP cameras, so you never miss an incident!

High resolution and frame rate equates to greater detail and smooth recording. Because BOP XD uses the H.264 data compression standard, more footage can be recorded and stored without needing extra disk space.       

  • Storage capacity between 1 and 8 terabytes

  • BOP XD recorder can manage both IP and analogue technologies (hybrid DVR)

  • Can manage up to 16 analogue and IP CCTV cameras     



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Actia's new entry level  CCTV system is perfect choice for operators that require a high quality system, offering recording at a true 25 frames per second for up to 4 Analogue cameras.

The BOP XD B&C comes standard with a 500 GB slidedisk.

Removable Hard Disk Drive

Actia's Slidedisk removable hard drives are rugged and secure, and enable fast swap out of hard drives for data retrieval or in the event of a fault.

  • Electro-magnetic lock means only authorised key-holder(s) can remove the drive

  • 1TB & 2TB sizes available

  • Lightweight and compact removable drives

  • Carry case available for safe transport and storage


Powerful Reviewer Station 

Actia's BOP Reviewer software is designed specifically to meet the needs of the operator - to be able to review footage quickly, and export data for evidential use to CD/DVD/USB.

The hardware docking station enables secure data transfer in the depot.

  • view up to 8 cameras simultaneously

  • variable speed playback (from 0.1x to 8.0x)

  • pause, loop and view frame-by-frame

  • audio recording (where available) played back alongside camera footage

  • quickly identify incident data (marked in red) in the scroll-through timeline

  • GPS position and speed data (where available) shown alongside camera footage

  • input/output status (where available) of indicators, brake, hand brake, and lights shown alongside camera footage

  • IBIS data (where available) shown alongside camera footage

A number of accessories are available to customise BOP to your application.


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