An International Group 

The ACTIA® Group, founded in 1986, is a family-owned, intermediate-sized company with its head office in Toulouse, France. This family aspect plays a vital role in what the Group is today and what it will be tomorrow. It guarantees the Group's sustainability and independence, with a constantly renewed entrepreneurial drive.

Since its creation, the ACTIA® Group has expanded internationally and it is now present in 16 countries. This international dimension is an advantage for supporting our customers by specifically addressing their local challenges. It is also a driving force for the performance of the Group's purchasing policy, industrial policy and innovation strategy.


Today ACTIA® has all the advantages of a medium sized business and those of a group of international scale:

  • Supporting customers at all their local sites

  • Active in emerging market

  • Special engineering and manufacturing units

  • Optimal procurement policy with world-wide sourcing


Core Business

Since its creation, the ACTIA® Group's core business has been to design, manufacture and operate electronics for system management. Its main divisions are:

Automotive division, specialised in on-board electronics systems and vehicle diagnostics. It also addresses the aeronautics, space and defence sectors through electronic manufacturing and obsolescence management services.

Telecom division, recognised for its expertise in SATCOM systems, in telecommunications and control systems for the energy sector, in both telecom networks and railway infrastructure (train-to-ground transmission and on-board equipment).


The Group's Know-how

ACTIA is able to provide:

  • Vehicle electronic architecture

  • Power electronics

  • Vehicle telematics and Connected services

  • Electronic diagnostics

  • Telecommunications & SATCOM

  • Equipment and services for workshop and technical inspection centres

  • EMS - Electronic manufacturing sevices

  • Obsolescence management



The Group designs and manufactures embedded electronics and diagnostic systems for automotive, rail, aeronautics, aerospace and defence, energy and telecommunication fields:

Bus & Coach: manufacturers, transport operators and integrators 

Trucks: Manufacturers, fleets and after-sales networks

Aeronautics, space & defense: SATCOM, on-board aerospace systems, defence equipment

Energy: Storage 



Creating Value

A true partnership approach with its customers enables ACTIA to offer high value-added proposals. From the design to the production and the series life of the products, ACTIA integrates all its resources and skills to control costs, quality and time.


The Group's Values

  • Quality: quality is everyone's business. Beyond the certifications that testify to it, it is a state of mind that guides everyone's work.

  • Innovation: being the key to competitiveness in increasingly demanding markets, innovation mobilises significant investments. It also drives the teams in a creative and entrepreneurial dynamic that is the hallmark of ACTIA since its creation.

  • Reactivity: the ACTIA® Group's intermediate size is an advantage as it guarantees our customers the responsiveness that makes all the difference and provides them with personalised support.


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