Our solutions are known for their reliability, quality and performance across multiple OEMs serving multiple markets



BOP Recording & Reviewer CCTV Systems, Cameras and Accessories

Designed specifically for vehicle and train use, ACTIA's BOP CCTV systems are tailored to the onboard security requirements of the vehicle operator: to protect the vehicle, protect the driver, and protect the passengers.


GPS, Fleet Management , System Maintenance, Passenger Counting, Remote Diagnostics, Driver Feedback

GPS tracking, driver behaviour, fuel and emissions reporting, remote diagnostics, real-time driver feedback, CCTV monitoring and passenger counting - just some of the advanced features ACTIA is able to offer through their integrated telematics systems.



Media Players, Amplifiers,  Passenger Screens, Microphones & Accessories 

For over 20 years Actia Videobus have been providing audio-video solutions for onboard use. Quality, innovation and design are the most important factors of ACTIA multimedia systems, whether you are retrofitting equipment to an older vehicle or are specifying a new vehicle.


Switch Packs, Dashboards, IHMI Driver Displays 

ACTIA designs the electrical and electronic architecture as well as developing and manufacturing the associated components. In addition, we provide complete dashboard systems, instrumentation and switchpanels, building a complete control systems package for commercial vehicle manufacturers.



Master Units, Power Units, Actigraf

One of the key benefits of ACTIA multiplexing systems is the ability to add functions without adding new hardware or decreasing reliability. Common sensor and control data, such as vehicle speed, engine temperature, etc. are available on the network, so data can be shared, thus eliminating the need for redundant sensors.



ACTIA develops modular battery systems. The specific development of components and the flexible and controlled design of the whole system mean they can be adapted to all constraints (particularly size) and guarantee interoperability and communication between each module.




We are proud to be the diagnostic supplier of choice for the major car, truck, bus & motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. There are currently over 80,000 examples of our diagnostic products in use around the world.


Electronic vehicle management has been at the very core of ACTIA’s business since its creation in 1986. This field of expertise covers the design and production of chassis and cab modules that make up a vehicle’s electronic architecture. Originally, the ACTIA group positioned itself in the various small and medium production run segments, therefore concentrating on developments and production dedicated to commercial and industrial vehicles.