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GPS tracking, driver behaviour, fuel and emissions reporting, remote diagnostics, real-time driver feedback, CCTV monitoring and passenger counting - just some of the advanced features Actia is able to offer through their integrated telematics systems.

Actia's experience in onboard electronics and systems integration has resulted in a three-dimensional approach to delivering improvements in operating efficiency:

  1. A suite of reports enable the fleet manager to assess the performance of vehicles, drivers and routes.
  2. In-cab instrumentation assists the driver to operate the vehicle more efficiently and economically.
  3. Remote vehicle condition monitoring and full remote OEM diagnostics* of the vehicle's electrical system enables improved workshop planning, vehicle availability and in-service time.

This approach is designed to deliver savings to the bus operator's running costs and overall carbon footprint.

*available on vehicles fitted with Actia MultiBUS electrical system


GPS Tracking

Knowing where your vehicles are up to the minute is becoming a standard requirement for all bus and coach operators.


Fleet Performance Reporting

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the bus operator,
Eco-FleetTM targets fleet operating costs by providing detailed, but accessible reports to the fleet manager


Driver Feedback

Eco Drive was co-designed by Optare and Actia to provide a high performance, integrated dashboard to meet the needs of the modern fleet operator.


Passenger Counting

Eco-Fleet (TM) has been designed to interface with Actia's automatic passenger counting solution. This high performance system counts passengers boarding and alighting the vehicle, as well as the number of stops made.


Maintenance - Systems Health Monitoring

Vehicle condition monitoring is a key element to our solution, which incorporates a number of tools to deliver effective improvements to maintenance and repair tasks.


Remote Diagnostics

Actia's combined expertise in onboard multiplexed electronics, telematics and diagnostics means we can uniquely interface our Eco-FleetTM telematics hardware with Multi-AIDTMRemote software to perform full diagnostics of the MultiBUS electrical system - even when the vehicle is away from the depot.


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