Multi-MUX - Multiplex Diagnostics

Actia is responsible for the development, design and control of the electrical power management architecture of thousands of vehicles in service and many hundreds produced each year from Alexander, Optare and Plaxton.

Due to the increasing technology and environmental standards there was the requirement for ActiMUX, the next generation of Multiplexed electrical systems . This then required us to produce the new Multi-MUX diagnostic tool that evolved from its predecessor Multi-AID which was the diagnostic solution for the older MultiBus system.

Multi-MUX diagnostics gives unrivalled access to the ActiMUX electrical system to identify faults which may be keeping vehicles off the road. The effective use of this diagnostic tool enables to reduce downtime and get vehicles back on the road quicker.

One tool - Multiple functions

With Actia’s wide experience of diagnostic software and hardware we can offer a comprehensive Multi-MUX kit to diagnose  numerous vehicle systems: ActiaMUX, Aladin, Cummins, Voith and Deans Doors.

ADL Kibes - If your ADL Enviro 200, 400 & 500 has the VDO Kibes system we offer the ADL Kibes bolt-on. This will enable Diagnostics of that electrical system through the Multi-MUX platform

Multi-AID - with most vehicle fleets containing a mixture of our new ActiMUX and older MultiBUS system we have enabled the Multi-AID diagnostic  bolt-on to work through the Multi-MUX Tool if required when working on vehicles fitted with the MultiBUS system.

All of the above applications are compatible with our single communications interface, when paired with a suitable laptop or tablet PC  , providing rapid diagnostics of the vehicle’s major systems. This eliminates the need for several ECU interfaces, reducing costs and bringing all your diagnostic tools into one low cost, easy to use package



The Actia Multi-MUX Diagnostic Tool provides support for the following vehicles and systems:-

  • Supports Optare & ADL Euro 6 vehicles Running the ActiMUX system
  • ADL Kibes ( Enviro 200, 400 & 500 )
  • Cummins Engines: ISBe ISM etc.
  • Allison Transmissions
  • Voith Transmissions
  • Deans Doors
  • J1939 systems via data viewer / monitor

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