Telematics - Maintenance - Systems Health Monitoring

Vehicle condition monitoring is a key element to our solution, which incorporates a number of tools to deliver effective improvements to maintenance and repair tasks.

While driver performance can be optimised, so can vehicle performance. Indeed the vehicle is a machine, so repeatable results are potentially more achievable.


Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

Industry standard SPN diagnostic trouble codes relating to engine, gearbox, transmission ABS etc, are available through a Detailed Fault report. This CANbus information leads the technician to identify troublesome vehicles, track repetitive problems and to take the correct course of action – i.e. to arrange repair when the vehicle returns to the depot, to schedule maintenance or VOR when necessary.


Dashboard Warnings

Key critical system faults resulting in a dashboard warning lamp which the driver may see, but not always report, are available through a top-level Fault Report. This flags, for example, an engine problem which can then be investigated further using the system’s Detailed Fault report, or by using Multi-AID Remote.


CCTV Health

CCTV* health is also checked and reported by the system. If a camera goes down, or a system fault develops, fast action ensures maximum uptime and high incident capture rate.


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