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Eco Drive

Eco Drive was co-designed by Optare and Actia to provide a high performance, integrated dashboard to meet the needs of the modern fleet operator.

Eco Drive features all the standard functions of a driver information centre, but also includes unique eco functionality - targeting inefficiencies in fuel economy, vehicle and driver performance.

When combined with our Telematics Solutions, the fleet manager has a total solution to reduce operating costs by tackling driver behaviour at the source, and having the reports and data to assess performance after the event.


Integrated Dashboard 

Eco Drive transforms the driver environment, and includes a TFT display which functions as an onboard diagnostic display, as well as showing driver performance throughout the journey in the form of a dynamic bar graph.

The driver's performance over the course of the journey, as well as harsh manoeuvring and poor economy are flagged up to the driver in real-time, culminating in an end-of-journey numerical score.


CCTV Monitor & Reversing Aid 

Eco Drive's built in full colour TFT display may also be used to show Actia CCTV camera views at the touch of button, rearview camera when reverse gear is engaged, and door camera when doors opened.



While our Telematics Solutions enable the fleet manager to assess the performance of drivers and vehicles after the event, driverAID is a real-time driver trainer - assisting the driver to operate the vehicle more efficiently and safely while on the road.

Mounted on the dashboard, driverAID warns the driver of instances of harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, excessive idling, overspeed and overall economy. Not simply a traffic-light display showing overall driver 'score', driverAID ensures the driver knows exactly where improvements need to be made.

The combination of driverAID and our Telematics Solution reports, enables the fleet manager to take control of vehicle and driver performance and in so doing to reduce fuel consumption and improve customer ride.


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