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The dash of a modern vehicle no longer consists of a steering wheel, a speedo, a fuel gauge and a gear stick!

In modern vehicles the ever increasing quantity of electronic systems and controls has turned the dash into an information center, the heart of the vehicle. The danger lies in information overload. So many systems to monitor - giving vital information to the driver.

Actia's dashboard design team take a "systems analysis" approach to the challenges of designing an effective driver's workplace. The system presents relevant information and warnings in a structured and organised manner, thus ensuring the safety of the vehicle.


Dashboards in action

Actia has designed dashboards for numerous vehicle manufacturers. We have provided them with an essential part of their vehicle. The dashboard is the driver's "office" and they spend their working lives using it! It is therefore essential that the layout is well designed and planned for ease of use.

Many of the latest generation fully multiplexed vehicles are fitted with an Actia dashboard - fully integrated with the multiplex system. The ergonomically designed dash has all driver controls within fingertip reach - laid out in an easy to use and understandable way.

The dashboard is the human interface with the bus' integrated multiplex system (that controls and monitors the complete vehicle electrical system).


Dashboard design

The effective and ergonomic design of a dashboard starts with a blank piece of paper!

We discuss with vehicle manufacturers their dashboard requirements for their new vehicle and then work closely with them to develop and deliver the optimum system.

We often discuss the design with drivers - after all, they are going to be using the systems in the 'real world', their input is essential if the design is to work to optimum performance.

Dashboards are an integral part of our ActiMUX multiplex system. We have experienced technicians working with manufacturers to develop and improve systems and design to create the most effective dashboard solutions.


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