Since it was founded in 1986, the ACTIA® Group has developed on the booming market of electronic systems for vehicles and is now a major player in its two principal areas of expertise:

  • Electronic diagnostics and garage equipment for repairing and testing vehicles

  • Onboard systems for commercial, industrial, agricultural and military vehicles

From designing products to supporting and servicing them on the ground, ACTIA® incorporates all its expertise. The Group’s ability for innovation is backed by an annual investment of 15% of sales in Research & Development, and through the performance of design units that comprise almost 400 engineers throughout the world.

Similarly, the ACTIA® Group also manufactures its products at two main industrial sites. One, in the south of France, specialising in technical and complex products in short runs concentrated in particular on the aerospace sector. With more than 3 million printed circuit boards produced a year, the other site, located in Tunisia, employs nearly 600 people and focuses mainly on long production runs for the automotive sector.

Backed by its international dimension, its design units' ability to innovate and the performance of its manufacturing facilities, the ACTIA® Group offers its customers global solutions with totally controlled costs, quality and deadlines.


An International Group

ACTIA® was founded in 1986. Its headquarters are in Toulouse in the south of France. In 20 years, the ACTIA® Group has expanded internationally and now has subsidiaries in 16 countries.

Today, ACTIA® has all the advantages of a medium sized business – being flexible and local – and those of a group of international scale:

  • supporting customers at all their local sites

  • active in emerging markets

  • special engineering and manufacturing units

  • optimal procurement policy with world-wide sourcing


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