Telematics - Passenger Counting

Our system has been designed to interface with Actia's automatic passenger counting solution. This high performance system counts passengers boarding and alighting the vehicle, as well as the number of stops made.

Accurate to within 98%, data from the passenger counting unit is reported to the fleet manager, and provides passenger data to the operations manager such as total passenger distance and average passenger load. In addition, the number of passengers getting on and off the vehicle (and where) allows verification of ticket machine data and route optimisation. MPG and CO2 per passenger are also available, enabling assessment of passenger carbon footprint.

Historic passenger data is an important tool in optimising timetables and vehicle allocation according to expected passenger numbers.

Actia Passenger Counting is also ideal for operators wishing to assess passenger numbers on vehicles with no ticket machine or where no tickets are sold onboard, such as school routes, airport buses or park and ride.

The combination of a stereo camera and advanced pattern recognition technology in the counting unit means the system delivers high accuracy - even in different light conditions and even in the melee of boarding and alighting the vehicle.


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