Multiplexing - ActiGRAF

ActiGRAF®, an integrated development environment to design MultiBUS functional applications from E/E architecture to diagnostics. All software is Windows™ compatible and based on the powerful ISaGRAF® Soft Logic package. The MultiBUS system Application delivers a clear graphical user interface for all programming MultiBUS modules.

 ActiGRAF®, a complete package of separate but linked modules : 

  •  Software version management
  •  Design of the E/E Architecture
  •  Design of the functional S/w (Chassis/Body management and MMI management for
  • Podium/MultIC)
  • Code generator
  • Downloading of the application and wiring versions
  • Diagnostic of the MultiBUS system E/E architecture (mono-master mode)

 Functions developed with IsaGRAF : PLC programming languages as defined by IEC 1131-3 (Grafcet, Functional blocks, Contacts).


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