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Easy, stand-alone operation

The Actia Fleet solution consists of a “TGU” multifunction telematics box installed in the vehicle that records vehicle data and transmits them to the “My Actia Fleet” Web portal, in real and/or asynchronous time.

My Actia Fleet optimise your costs with high performance services. These services are available on request and can be activated remotely:



My Actia Fleet enables you to monitor fuel consumption, distances covered, CO2 emissions and driver performance:

  • Save on fuel and reduce CO2 emissions

  • Improve passenger comfort and safety

  • Respond to customers’ expectations in terms of environmental strategy

  • Monitor driver and vehicle performance

  • Track all Eco-driving events



My Actia Fleet collects and analyses the dynamic parameters of vehicles, as well as information related to vehicle handling, such as use of doors, gears and brakes. This enables to:

  • Anticipate and reduce breakdown of vehicles in use

  • Optimise maintenance according to usage constraints

  • Increase vehicle availability and reduce back-up fleet

  • Economise on maintenance costs by knowing the condition of each vehicle


Driver Training

The training function assesses a driver over a predefined route and compares performance results with those of a reference driver or route. The trainer can view the driving parameters of the driver undergoing training in real time on a mobile tablet. Driving data is immediately available on My Actia Fleet via the “Training” dashboards



Telemetry solution captures data in real-time from an electric vehicle and transmit it to a secure cloud platform for processing and storage to generate key indicators.

Each data item can be configured using an administration module on the cloud platform. Actia telemetry is compatible with the ITXPT software specifications.



My Actia Fleet enables you to know the position and status of each of your vehicles in real time, as well as events for subscribed services:

  • Track alarms linked to vehicle activity

  • “Bus Stop” or POI Management

  • “Geo-fence” function with alarm transmission


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