Actia's New Generation CCTV - BOP XD

Actia’s next generation BOP XD range features high quality recording at a true 25 frames per second from up to 16 Analogue and 16 IP cameras.

High resolution and frame rate equates to greater detail and smooth recording. Because BOP XD uses the H.264 data compression standard, more footage can be recorded and stored without needing extra disk space.

The BOP XD range features high quality recording at a true 25 frame per second from up to 16 Analogue + 16 IP cameras, that can be combined with the additional audio microphone, GPS and vehicle data such as states of indicators, brakes and door open / closed. This builds a comprehensive picture of vehicle events when an event occurs. Data is stored on a secure removable hard disk with up to 2TB data capacity, allowing several weeks footage to be recorded before overwriting.



  • Storage capacity between 1 and 8 terabytes

  • BOP XD recorder can manage both IP and analogue technologies (hybrid DVR)

  • Can manage up to 16 analogue and IP CCTV cameras


Actia’s new entry level CCTV solution is the perfect choice for operators that require a high quality system, offering recording at a true 25 frames per second for up to 4 Analogue cameras.

  • Storage capacity 500 GB

  • Can manage up to 4 analogue cameras

Powerful Reviewer - BOP Reviewer Station

Actia’s reviewer software offers a user-friendly solution both for operators who simply want fast access to incident data and those who wish to make detailed analysis of recorded footage.

Skip through the timeline to quickly identify incident footage, see multiple camera views, audio and vehicle data (brake, door, indicator status) simultaneously to build a complete picture of an event. This data is watermarked for evidential use and can be exported to CD/DVD/USB.