Actia Parts Direct

Actia is offering a new service, providing genuine replacement parts delivered from us, the manufacturer, direct to workshops, repairers and operators.

It is often challenging to quickly find and obtain quality replacement parts in order to minimise the downtime of vehicles during scheduled maintenance or repairs. As such, Actia has answered this need by launching a door-to-door service, which gets much needed parts to the customer straight from the warehouse.

Actia “Parts Direct” offers a wide range of current and legacy parts and equipment, including electronic control units, instrument clusters, switch packs, gauges, dashboards, control modules and a large array of other vital components for maintenance and repairs. All the Actia OEM components are safe, reliable and fully tested, with 24 months’ warranty on new products and 12 months’ warranty on service exchanges. This way, customers have all the benefits of getting genuine parts directly from the manufacturer.

The Parts Direct product catalogue lists with images the available parts and equipment. For example, the MultiBUS IOU2000 Std 3 Optare / Transbus, the Aladin Control Module, Start/Ignition Switch Assemblies, Membrane Panels, and replacement PCB Daughter Control Boards.

With the introduction of Parts Direct, the company shows its commitment to stay reactive in regard to its customers by offering services that can meet or even anticipate their needs, making the difference in a highly competitive environment.

Actia customers benefit from a technical helpdesk providing telephone helpline support for their extensive range of products, with remote and on-site support if required.