Commercial Vehicle Workshop, July 2018 - Taking Centre Stage

Thanks to Actia’s diagnostic capability to cover the vehicle’s body and chassis systems, Stagecoach Group, the UK’s biggest bus and coach operator, selected Actia’s diagnostics solutions for its fleet. Actia’s diagnostics tools enable the UK operator to diagnose and efficiently maintain its fleet of vehicles. Engineering Director at Stagecoach North Scotland, Carl Thornborrow says: “We rely on the Actia systems to diagnose faults detected through our proactive planned maintenance on a day-to-day basis. The system is easy to use, whether you are an electrician or an apprentice you can navigate it with ease.”

The three core diagnostic tools – Multi-AID, Multi-MUX, and Multi-DIAG – used by Stagecoach provide complete solutions to cover all the vehicle’s body and chassis systems, from Actia’s own multiplex network, to engine, transmission, brakes and suspension control systems, thereby providing a thorough maintenance and preventative solutions.

With its focus on pre Euro 6 UK manufactured bus and coach, Multi-AID offers extensive access to the Multi-BUS Multiplex electrical system to identify stored faults, view and control I/O status, adjust parameters, and download, configure and view network layouts.

Multi-MUX provides similar diagnosis functions by integrating with the next generation Acti-MUX electrical system. Developments to Multi-MUX include the ability to obtain system software updates direct from the OEM via the internet and Cloud-based downloads.

The Multi-MUX diagnostic tool supports a significant range of vehicles and systems, including Optare and ADL Euro 6 vehicles running the Acti-MUX system, Cummins Engines via Cummins Insight and Voith Transmissions via Voith Diag. Via a single communications interface and a suitable laptop or tablet PC, Multi-MUX can link with the vehicle’s major systems and removes the need for several ECU interfaces.

Created to complement Multi-AID/Multi-MUX, Actia’s Multi-DIAG Bus & Truck is a multi-make solution which allows more time-efficient fault diagnosis of the main vehicle system for all major truck, bus and coach. Multi-DIAG Bus & Truck can quickly and efficiently review the status and performance of the injection, ABS, EBS, EDS, gearbox, brakes, suspension, retarder, dashboard, airbag system, Adblue faults. Key service and repair functions include read / erase faults, actuator testing, parameter reading, ECU configuration, calibration and coding for injectors, and electronic valves.

“Multi-DIAG interrogates the ECU and it guides the engineers to a system fault, clearing down any stored faults”, adds Mr Thornborrow. “With the recent changes to DVSA roadside checks and MOT testing, the system is an essential tool for today’s modern workshops dealing with a modern fleet of vehicles to ensure a safe reliable journey. As we know Every journey counts".