Coach & Bus Week, March 2017 ‘Multimedia Solutions’

ACTIA offers a complete range of onboard entertainment and multimedia systems for luxury coach, city bus, minibus and truck, and for over 20 years has been providing high-end audio-video solutions for onboard use.

Their focus on quality, functionality and user interface has contributed to more than 100,000 vehicles worldwide being equipped with ACTIA’s audio and video products, including Plaxton, Irisbus, Irizar, Sunsundegui, Beulas and BMC.

This year sees the launch of ACTIA’s redeveloped and enhanced ACT Media Players specifically designed for touring and inter-city coaches, school buses and minibuses. Their new generation of robust and compact players aim to provide today’s discerning and tech-hungry travellers with improved delivery of their onboard audio-visual entertainment, and greater connectivity in our on- demand age. Advancements to the solid-state format offer the service providers more reliability, stability and performance, which ultimately aims to satisfy their customers’ needs and thereby provide greater enjoyment and customer experience during transit.

ACT Range Media Players

The redeveloped ACT range features five models and supports multiple formats for flexibility, including MP3, MP4, USB and Bluetooth. This includes the standard ACT 552 unit which provides radio, USB and microphone functionality, and the ACT 550 offering radio, USB, Bluetooth, driver streaming and digital video. The ACT 650 has all the features of the 550 model, and also comes with a standalone CD player, and allows the driver to listen to a CD while the saloon enjoys a movie on LCD displays.

The 550, 650 and 553 models (the latter of which has has no video functionality) include ACTIA’s innovative ‘Dual Zone’ unit, which provides independent media for both driver and passenger areas. ‘Dual Zone’ units also come with two microphone inputs, thereby combining both multimedia requirements and PA functionality in a single unit. And unlike conventional installations, ‘Dual Zone’ incorporates two stereo amplifiers meaning an extra external amplifier is not required, and is specifically designed to amplify and control the microphone and additional media through the original radio.

ACTIA’s complementary series of TFT monitors range from 7” to 22" widescreen, and include manual flip-down and IP options. Suitable for refurbishment and replacement OEM flush fit, roof, or wall mounted monitors, the compact and contemporary flat screen design provides optimal visibility in all directions, are scratch resistant, and feature an anti-reflection filter as standard.

In addition you have ACTIA’s audio distribution system, providing high quality multi-channel audio reproduction adapted to the meet the specific needs of open-top tour bus and touring coach operators with a ‘plug and play’ solution. Up to eight stereo, or 16 mono channels are available offering users a personal, rugged sound seat module driven by a personal sound transmitter that distributes cabled audio to each seat module from an existing audio source (i.e. a dedicated audio tour PC).


Microphones deliver high quality voice reproduction via the enhanced amplifiers, and are designed to suit a variety of operator needs, including a rubber guide microphone with flex cable, ‘Goose Neck’ driver's microphone, and wireless guide. A range of adaptor cables also enable beneficial connectivity to other manufacturers’ installations.

Onboard single or twin USB charge points, power converters, AM/FM antennas, speakers, plus noise and video filters prove valuable additions to ACTIA’s multimedia portfolio.

In this era of ‘connected mobility’, with technology evolving almost weekly to satiate ever changing user habits and demands, the public transportation industry faces considerable challenges to meet customer expectations. ACTIA’s development teams are working tirelessly on ever progressive future-proof solutions to meet those requirements.


ACTIA was founded in 1986 and, with subsidiaries in 15 countries, is a market leading specialist in electronic diagnostics and garage equipment for repairing and testing vehicles, and onboard systems for buses, coaches, trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

T: 01686 611150