Bus & Coach Buyer - May 2017

BOP CCTV Solutions

The safety and security of passengers and drivers through all stages of bus, coach, tram and train transit is of paramount importance, not least when interacting with customers dur- ing onboard ticketing transactions or the presentation of pre-paid passes and tickets.

Should problems and confrontations arise, ACTIA’s BOP CCTV solutions are tailored to the on-board security requirements of the vehicle operator. With reliable recording, high quality imaging, and a powerful reviewer, operators can clearly identify ticketing misdemeanours, non-payment, and aggressive customer behaviour, as well as deter vandalism and antiso- cial behaviour.

Specifically designed to meet regulations and safety requirements, ACTIA’s CCTV digital recorders offer very large storage space on a removable hard drive, allowing long recording times without compromising quality. Remote monitoring provides constant provision for sys- tem health-checks to ensure optimum incident capture rate, and multiple connectivity allows for adaptation and upgrade during the life of the vehicle.

The BOP (Best of Protection) HD CCTV system features recording at a true 25 frames per second from up to 16 cameras. High resolution and frame rate equates to greater detail and smooth recordings, and by using the H.264 data compression standard, more footage can be recorded and stored without the need for extra disk space.

In addition, a complete range of cameras and accessories are available to suit applications and budget, including driver’s monitor, microphone, GPS/datalogger, and passenger infor- mation system.

Thousands of hours of CCTV footage captured by ACTIA’s systems have been used as ev- idence in cases of anti-social behaviour, vandalism, contested insurance claims, and other problematic situations. Indeed, operators using BOP report an incident capture rate in ex- cess of 95%.


ACTIA was founded in 1986 and, with subsidiaries in 15 countries, is a market leading specialist in electronic diagnostics and garage equipment for repairing and testing vehicles, and onboard systems for buses, coaches, trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

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