Multimedia - Microphones

Combined with Actia's amplifiers or mic-input equipped media players, hand-held guide, driver's 'gooseneck' and wireless radio microphones complete a full PA system to broadcast announcements to the saloon.

Actia's range of microphones deliver great quality voice reproduction, and are designed to connect to Actia amplifiers but also compatible with all installations. Coupled with Actia's media player amplifiers, you have a designed-in solution for controlling passenger audio announcements and guided tour commentary.

  • Wireless guide, Hand-held guide and Gooseneck driver options

  • Dashboard clips and accessories

  • Range of adaptor cables to connect to other manufacturer installations

590-03-0001 - Rubber Guide Microphone with flex cable                                                                              590-03-0008 - Goose Neck Driver's Microphone (88cm length)

590-03-0003 - 5-pin Actia Microphone to 4-pin Blaupunkt Amp Adaptor Cable                            590-08-0023 - 4-pin Blaupunkt Microphone to 5-pin Actia Amp Adaptor Cable

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