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With an annual investment of 15% of our turnover in Research & Development, and a workforce of over 500 engineers worldwide, the ACTIA Group places innovation at the heart of its strategy, with an emphasis on the development of new products. 

The ACTIA Group is partnered with various laboratories and other manufacturers worldwide in order to create innovative systems and participate in the development of tomorrow's standards.


The commitments ACTIA made in terms of corporate social responsibilty are shared by all subsidiaries and by every employee. We strive to respect every individual's right to life, the prohibition of slavery and forced labour, right to liberty and security, right to respect for private and family life, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of expression, and right to fairness, social dialogue and personal development.

Therefore, we carefully choose our partners, customers and suppliers, so as not be complicit in any Human Rights violation.



We are constantly making every effort to anticipate priorities in  protecting the environment, promoting environmental responsibility initiatives both within and outside the company. We also encourage the development of processes and technologies aimed at protecting the environment by reducing the impact our activities have on the environment. 

Therefore, sustainable development is a top priority in the design of our products.

Quality / Sustainability


Sustainable development is a top priority in the design of our products.

We constantly review the impacts of our technologies and products in accordance with ...