Multimedia - Microphones

Combined with Actia's amplifiers or mic-input equipped media players, hand-held guide, driver's 'gooseneck' and wireless radio microphones complete a full PA system to broadcast announcements to the saloon.

Actia's range of microphones deliver great quality voice reproduction, and are adapted to suit your application - on luxury touring coach, inter-city coach, service bus or minibus.

Coupled with Actia's media player amplifiers, you have a designed-in solution for controlling passenger audio announcements and guided tour commentary.

  • wireless guide, hand-held guide and gooseneck driver options
  • dashboard clips and accessories
  • range of adaptor cables to connect to other manufacturer installations

590-03-0001 - Rubber Guide Microphone with flex cable                                                                              590-03-0008 - Goose Neck Driver's Microphone (88cm length)

590-03-0003 - 5-pin Actia Microphone to 4-pin Blaupunkt Amp Adaptor Cable                            590-08-0023 - 4-pin Blaupunkt Microphone to 5-pin Actia Amp Adaptor Cable

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